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How to maintain jewellery?

A jewel made by skilled artisans will please you for many years, even decades. In the current era of mass-production, it is often someone’s only possession still to be made by hand, to their exact requirement. If you want to enjoy your prized property for its full lifetime, it is important to return it to the workshop for cleaning and maintenance.

Especially rings that are worn daily are exposed to a lot of wear and may become damaged by it. Having it cleaned once a year ensures that your jewel remains as beautiful as the day you bought it. During this cleaning, your jeweller will check for damage or wear to the setting, and send it to a stonesetter for repair when necessary. This will avoid you losing any of your precious gems.

It should be clear that not all items require the same level of maintenance. Earrings that are only worn a few times every year on special occasions, can safely last a decade without a return to the workshop.

Any serious jeweller should offer you this service for free, or at a minimal expense. Be sure to check this with your jeweller before you make a purchase. You will learn a lot about how dedicated they are to their customers and to the jeweller’s craft.